Let’s work on it, together!

Announcing: Private Virtual Yoga Sessions

I am thrilled to offer private yoga sessions, yayyy!

Yoga is all about connection – spending one-on-one time together is the ultimate way to deepen your connection with yourself (and with me!) I hope that we can meet on our mats together and achieve your mental, physical and spiritual-related yoga goals.

Learn a little more below and register HERE. (Sessions are limited!)

Why private yoga?

Private yoga sessions may be right for you if:

  • you are pretty new to yoga and looking to get your bearings
  • you are curious about yoga philosophy
  • you would like to incorporate breathing exercises and meditation into your physical yoga practice
  • you seek the accountability and support of a skillful guide
  • you have lots of questions about yoga that you would like to explore
  • you are looking to spend quality time with yourself
  • you are stressed and hoping to relax
  • you sit at a desk all day and you need help incorporating movement into your lifestyle
  • you experience limited mobility and need personalized attention to incorporate stretching into your wellness routine

Does this sound like you? Sessions are limited, so register now!


Do you…?

seek a rewarding morning routine?

need help boosting your energy throughout the day?

have tight, sore muscles?

want to carve out some personal time for yourself?

want to feel strong and relaxed?

need inspiration and motivation in your daily life?

want a physical practice that embodies and enlivens your spiritual connection?

feel curious about how to stretch and breathe mindfully?

know someone who might live to join a free yoga class?

Then I’ve got GREAT news!

Register now for free, live virtual yoga classes!

Learn more about each class offering at the link here:

Can’t make the live class? Find replays in the Compass Yoga Community Facebook Group.