The End

We tell ourselves that endings are scary. Whether it’s the end of a relationship, a friendship, a lifestyle or a job we may resist the end of it. Our mind spins lots of confusing stories about life after ‘the end.’ Who will I be without this job? What kind of person am I to walk away from this relationship? Why can’t I make this work out?


This week’s quote, from an unknown author, invites us to embrace the end. At the close of whatever phase or change we are going through everything will be alright. There will be peace and relief. We will make room for acceptance and surrender. Resistance to change leads to friction and suffering.

Changes afford us opportunity for growth. After emerging from the end, or a change, we stand at a new vantage point with a clear perspective and a different way of looking at things. Our quote this week offers me solace, in many regards, and I am hoping it gifts you with thoughtful reflection, too. If you feel like you are about to turn a blind corner, and you are looking for something to hold onto, then embrace the change and lean into it. I suspect it may lead to relief and reward.


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