Manage Your Mood

Have you ever noticed how thoughtful movement and exercise clears your mind and elevates your spirits? If you are present to this sensation then you know it’s really kinda magical. ✨ On the flip side: have you noticed how impatient, achy and withdrawn you feel on a day when you don’t incorporate enough movement? IContinue reading “Manage Your Mood”


I love Emily Dickinson’s imagery of hope as a bird. I can hear birds chirping outside my window now, as I type this. Something about birdsong is truly uplifting! 🐦 Sometimes hope can feel as light and ephemeral as a feather in the wind. It can feel hard to grasp and tricky to hold onto.Continue reading “Hope”

Choices, Choices

This is the quote that I’ve shared in this week’s Compass Yoga Community videos – I wanted to share here with you, too, in case it offers you valuable reflection. 💭 Before I expand on this quote, I want to remind you to sign up HERE to receive my *free* guided meditation for sleep andContinue reading “Choices, Choices”

Practice Yoga With Me!

I am thrilled to announce The Compass Yoga Community Weekly Yoga Schedule! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 *Free* live yoga offerings on Mondays through May 24th Classes will stream live on Facebook or you can join on Zoom. Join here: Compass Yoga Community 👉 Don’t forget – I can help you alleviate stress in your life. Do you everContinue reading “Practice Yoga With Me!”