Smooth Havoc

I have been so excited to share this week’s quote during each of my yoga classes (you can watch those replays here!)

This bit of poetry totally resonates with me – I wonder if you feel the same way! Let me know in the comments below.😊

Each time I have shared this quote recently I have entered into a daydream about immediately throwing a bunch of beach gear into the car and hurrying to the shore. Summer is in full swing and I haven’t made it to the beach yet! I am craving the feeling of sun on my skin, sand between my toes and – of course – some rejuvenating beach yoga! Here’s to hoping I make it there soon.

The poem has prompted lots of deeper contemplation for me, though. The speaker addresses the reader directly and I can’t help but feel… well… seen. πŸ™ˆ

Mary Oliver’s poem offers the juxtaposition of a benevolent being with that of a wicked and devastating force. These two parts form a single whole – embodied together in the entirety of the ocean.

The invitation is to examine this juxtaposition within ourselves and then to integrate that sense of wholeness. (Even if it feels tricky or uncomfortable.)

No one escapes the observation of the narrator; the sea behaves and misbehaves “As I can too, and so, no doubt, can you, and you.” That last part leaves no escape for anyone in the reading audience: if you skirted by the first direct address, then surely you can’t avoid the second. By owning the full spectrum of destruction and healing that lives inside of themselves, the narrator makes it okay for us to recognize and own it inside of ourselves, too. We’re all in it together. We make up an ocean of humanity that ebbs, storms, gently undulates and thrashes for the sake of thrashing, sometimes. We’re just as beautiful and severe as the sea.

The ocean can be cruel and fierce, but that doesn’t make you any less excited for a trip to the beach, does it? The ocean is also soothing, cleansing and lots of fun, too! As with anything in life, we have to take the good with the bad.

Learn to love yourself – all of yourself – as you love the ocean. With admiration, delight and awe. Embrace all of your strength and power, while tenderly nourishing the shorelines of your life. 🌊

This equanimity is a part of the process of yoga. It’s the work of threading a peaceful connection between all aspects of mind, body and spirit – with yourself and with everyone else.

I encourage you to practice yoga with me. I can help you along this path of integration and connection – we will ride the waves together!

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Summer Celebration Yoga

Sign up for live yoga with me this Saturday, June 19th @ 10AM (est)!

Is anyone else really, really looking forward to this weekend? I do my best to appreciate each and every day, but sometimes it’s hard during a busy work week. I grow impatient and urge a few days to fly by. And it feels especially hard this week with so many wonderful celebrations to look forward to during the weekend!

Saturday June 19th is Juneteenth – the celebration of the official end of slavery, two and half years after Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Declaration. Juneteenth is now officially a national holiday – an overdue recognition that will help refresh our focus on past ills and current injustices, so that we may eradicate these systemic issues forever. Most importantly, the day invites us to celebrate the strength and vibrancy of the Black communities in our nation. πŸ–€ Happy Juneteenth!

Sunday June 20th is Father’s Day – don’t forget to pick out a card or a gift, make a phone call or spend quality time with with your Dad or the dad-like figure in your life! πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘§ If anything, the holiday is an opportunity to show appreciation for the close and supportive forces in your life, whoever they may be. My dad is incredibly generous and hilarious, and I am looking forward to the opportunity to make sure he knows! Happy Father’s Day!

β˜€οΈ Sunday June 20th is also the Summer Solstice – the longest day of the year (in terms of daylight hours) which heralds the official start of the summer season. (The Sun is also representative of the divine masculine/father in astrology. Lots of “Dad” energy this weekend!) The energy of this hot summer solstice gives you lots of momentum – lights a literal fire under your ass πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ – to achieve a goal, finish a project or follow through on something you’ve been daydreaming about. Pay attention to the quiet voice that tells you to make a dream a priority – the time to listen is now!

And of course, for all of June we celebrate Pride – an opportunity to support, recognize and advocate for LGBTQ+ members of our community. Happy Pride! 🌈

πŸ‘‰ And I am happy to share that I am adding yet ANOTHER reason to celebrate!

I will be teaching a Summer Celebration Yoga class on Saturday, June 19th at 10AM (est.)

Hooray!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

I will be donating a part of the event proceeds to the National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC) in observance of Juneteenth and Pride. Our donation will support Black LGBTQ civil rights and empower marginalized communities!!

Take this opportunity to harness the power of the sun and the celebratory energy of liberation and freedom. Treat Dad to some yoga! Cherish your family, your community and yourself. Spending time doing the introspective work of yoga affords you the clarity and peace to step out as your best self – for you and for those around you.

Yoga will make you SHINE like the SUN! Join us β˜€οΈ


Manage Your Mood

Have you ever noticed how thoughtful movement and exercise clears your mind and elevates your spirits? If you are present to this sensation then you know it’s really kinda magical. ✨

On the flip side: have you noticed how impatient, achy and withdrawn you feel on a day when you don’t incorporate enough movement? I have certainly noticed, and this is why I have made daily yoga practice a part of my routine for many years now.

Maybe you haven’t thought about any of this before and this is a new opportunity for reflection. πŸ€” No matter where you land, I’d like to extend an invitation for you to explore healthy, relaxing movement and tune into the nourishment that your body craves. When you nourish your body it helps relieve your mind and spirit, too.

I offer free virtual yoga classes every Monday that can help set you up for success throughout your whole day! (I also make the replays available in my Compass Yoga Community Facebook group, so that you can revisit and harness that success throughout the whole week!)

Relax every muscle in your body, quiet your racing mind, and spend some quality time with yourself during any of my 3 free classes.

Sign up here for tomorrow’s FREE online yoga classes and learn more about each class – Align, Center & Release – below:

Align Morning Flow

7AM (Eastern)

Welcome to Align: 30 minutes of gentle movement to ease you into your day and help you set a meaningful intention. We explore breathing exercises, yoga asanas (poses) and meditative reflection to help us ALIGN ourselves with our best intentions and our highest Selves.

Register for Align.

Center Afternoon Chair Flow

1:30PM (Eastern)

Incorporate movement into your day with Center – a 15-minute Chair Flow

This class is great for all ability levels! Whether you are chair-bound or working at a desk all day, this will help you get some blood flowing and clear your mind before you dive back into your day.

Perhaps you had a great morning with a clear sense of purpose and boundless energy…but then life happened. πŸ™ƒ Work, parenting, chores, Mercury retrograde… something may have knocked you out of peaceful alignment and into a tailspin.

Come back to yourself with Center. This quick class is designed to give you a grounding break so that you can face your day feeling refreshed and ready.

Register for Center.

Release Evening Flow

8PM (Eastern)

Unwind and get ready for sleep with Release – a 30-minute evening flow.

Enjoy a gentle flow to ease tension and soothe your body for a restful night! This class incorporates asana (poses) pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation.

You’ve worked so hard all day and now you have earned a treat: deeply relaxing and soothing self-care in the form of feel-good yoga poses and gentle encouragement to Release what is no longer serving you.

Register for Release.

I look forward to seeing you in class!!

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Let it go.

I come back to this Caroline Myss quote time and time again – I’ve been sharing it in my free yoga videos this week, and I thought it was important to share it here with you, too.

(Remember – you can join my Compass Yoga Community on Facebook and meet me virtually for free live yoga each week! And sign up HERE for help falling asleep with my free, beginner-friendly guided meditation. πŸ™Œ)

Now, back to our quote….

When you take the bold and brave move to step out of your own way, you make room for your wonderful life, exactly as it is, to play out around and through you. Maybe it doesn’t look or feel too wonderful, and that’s okay – this quote offers a simple invitation to stop adding additional pressure to the situation. The pressure of expectation and control takes you farther from contentment and satisfaction, farther away from wonderful.

The pain and the friction in your life? That’s rope burn, and it comes from clinging too tightly to things that need to be let go of. The only relief from the struggle will come from YOU as you resolve to let go. You can’t change the weather, someone else’s habits, the housing market or bad driving, and you will waste a lot of precious time if you try.

Notice where frustration and disappointment are showing up in your life, gift yourself compassion, and then accept these things that you cannot change.

Follow the simple directive that Caroline Myss has to offer and “Just let go.”

It certainly takes practice. But the price you pay for neglecting this practice is to head down a path that winds you away from wonderful. Gently, as slowly as you need to, lift one finger at a time up and away from your clenching grip until you are ready to release the illusion of control. It is only when you commit to this surrender that you can see the gifts of your life more clearly and dance a little more gracefully through the twists and turns.

Personally, I’m practicing the art of letting go at work a lot lately. It feels way easier to complain about circumstances and heap blame. But easier doesn’t always feel as satisfying or fulfilling. In fact it feels draining. When I catch myself gripping to an idea of “how things should be” I course-correct, reminding myself that things can’t be any other way then how they are…otherwise they wouldn’t be this way! πŸ˜‰

That might be a lot to chew on, and it might sound really hard. Maybe like wishful thinking. But isn’t it more delightful to wish that these scenes are showing up in our lives for wonderful reasons, instead of wishing these scenes away?

I’ll be curious to know how letting go shows up for you in your life – leave a comment and let me know! πŸ™‚

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Choices, Choices

This is the quote that I’ve shared in this week’s Compass Yoga Community videos – I wanted to share here with you, too, in case it offers you valuable reflection. πŸ’­

Before I expand on this quote, I want to remind you to sign up HERE to receive my *free* guided meditation for sleep and relaxation. If you need help unwinding during/after a long day, let me help!

It’s really easy to get caught up in the self-doubt and negativity that may swirl around your head. 🀯 It can lead you to make impulsive choices out of desperation – choices that don’t really feel much like “choices” in the end.

What if, instead of letting fear take the wheel, you were to operate from a place of thoughtful, empowered choice? What would that life look like? Feel like? You can always offer yourself love, and you can always make decisions from a heart-centered place. πŸ’“ It takes practice, but it’s worth your life to prioritize your highest self and your highest values. Don’t let any part of you be compromised along the way.

I’ve found that through yoga I am able to connect with my heart a little easier, a little deeper. Again, it has taken practice, and I still have a lot of work to do. But it’s been a powerful journey.

If you’re looking for access to more love in your life, and less fear, join the Compass Yoga Community and practice yoga with me. I truly believe yoga can help.

You can join HERE.


PS – I’d like to add some context here about Osho, or Rajneesh. Have you seen that Netflix docu-series Wild Wild Country? Well…this quote is by that guy. To be clear, I don’t condone the dangerous criminal acts that any of his followers enacted within their community in Oregon. Admittedly I’m uneasy about sharing the words of a man who ran what was ultimately a radicalized cult. But the sentiment shared here is universal and potent – no matter who the words are attributed to, it’s important to let love and joy guide your life. That message is resoundingly clear.

Practice Yoga With Me!

I am thrilled to announce The Compass Yoga Community Weekly Yoga Schedule!


*Free* live yoga offerings on Mondays through May 24th

Classes will stream live on Facebook or you can join on Zoom.

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Start your week off on the right foot withΒ AlignΒ – a 30-minute Wake Up FlowΒ β˜€οΈThis class will warm you up for your day and incorporates asana (poses) pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation. We will set intentions for the week ahead in this morning class.


Incorporate movement into your day withΒ CenterΒ – a 15-minute Chair Flow 🦽πŸͺ‘This class is great for all ability levels! Whether you are chair-bound or working at a desk all day, this will help you get some blood flowing and clear your mind before you dive back into your day.


Unwind and get ready for sleep withΒ ReleaseΒ – a 30-minute Evening FlowΒ πŸŒ™β­οΈA gentle flow to ease tension and soothe your body for a restful night! This class incorporates asana (poses) pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation.

πŸ‘‰For Align and Release you will need a mat (or comfortable surface) to practice on. Props are not required, though you might like to have 2 blocks (or water bottles, soup cans, etc.) and a strap (or tie, belt, scarf) as well as a cushion/blanket for sitting and kneeling on.

πŸ‘‰For Center you will need a sturdy chair. Props are not required, though you might like to have 2 blocks and a strap (see alternative suggestions above.)

Questions? Comment below!

See you there! ☺️🧭

PS – Class is free, but donations are always appreciated!

Venmo: @Kristen-Falzon


Getting Started, Finding Balance

I hosted my first donation yoga event last weekend to celebrate the first day of Spring! I am completely floored by the support I received – thank you to everyone who was a part of that! Since then I have been working diligently to create this new website and plan yoga events. I feel a lot of momentum and I want to capitalize on it as much as possible. At the same time I sense that if I am not careful I will burn myself out. I have SO MUCH enthusiasm and excitement and SO MANY cool ideas but this is a reminder right now to pace myself.

In the coming weeks and months I plan to launch a Compass Yoga Community Facebook group, along with offerings for private yoga sessions and free yoga challenges. Eventually I hope to add premium subscriptions and free yoga videos on YouTube, too! Please keep checking back here for the latest information (subscribe so that you can stay updated!) and definitely reach out if you have any ideas, requests or feedback!