About Kristen & Compass Yoga

Hi there! I am Kristen, from the Trenton, NJ area…

…and I am SO excited to be connecting with you through yoga!!

If you asked me a couple of years ago if this is where I thought I would be in Spring 2021 I would not have believed it. I likely would have replied with a bunch of lame excuses about why I could never be a yoga teacher. I was afraid! At some point (thanks to lots of yoga practice!) I decided to stop letting fear take the wheel and I committed to boldly following my heart wherever it leads me. So far so good! I’m happy to have you here for accountability and support as I follow this path. Thank you!

I earned my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training certification from Yoga Farm Ithaca in Fall 2020 and I am registered through Yoga Alliance. My primary teaching style falls within the Hatha/Vinyasa traditions, though I have since gone on to earn continuing education credits for Yin Yoga and Chair Yoga. I intend to keep expanding my knowledge so I can offer dynamic, engaging classes across many disciplines. I believe in accessible yoga for all abilities and bodies and to that end I do my best to offer safe and creative modifications throughout my classes to help everyone meet themselves at their own level and feel great.

Compass Yoga speaks to the exploratory nature of yoga along a purposeful path.

Yoga is expansive, with philosophy that explores the material and spiritual worlds, the rhythms of nature, enlightenment and the unity of all beings. And yet the ultimate benefits result from yoga’s ability to lead you deeper into the core of your own being.  A quote that speaks to this, from an ancient yogic text called the Bhagavad Gita, says:

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”

You might get a little lost and overwhelmed along the way, so it helps to have a compass in hand! I would love to be your guide to help you learn to use your inherent tools of navigation in order to find your way home.

As I learn more about the roots of yoga, it’s increasingly important to me to honor this Indian tradition to the best of my ability without appropriation or dilution. Ultimately it is not a fitness program, despite how it is portrayed in Western media. Yoga offers potent spirituality and healing: in my experience, if you make room for yoga in your life, then it is potentially one of the most powerful forces you will encounter.

If you are curious about the tradition and roots of yoga and you are ready to harness its powers, then I may be a good match for you as a yoga teacher!

When I’m not practicing or teaching yoga, you can find me reading, hiking, gardening, making art, cooking, baking and snuggling my dog, Cali, and my cat, Nym, with my husband, Asa. I also volunteer as a hike leader with the Delaware Valley Chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) and serve on the Executive Committee as a Co-Chair for 20s & 30s members.